12 of 12 november 2013

Tuesday the 12th of November was my second day back at work after my extended leave. My final break thing to do was house sit for Lil Sis and Mr Tall while they were away, so I got their apartment to myself on Monday night.

1 of 12 – It was weird waking up at a decent hour and not having to do the million things I normally have to do on a school morning. So I decided to treat myself to breakfast on the way in to work.

Image2 of 12 – I noticed someone had posted a picture of the uncovering of the old FitzGeralds awning in Collins Street yesterday and I wondered if it would still be there today. It was. I’m not sure of the era of this.

Image3 of 12 – In town by 8.05 am. This is very unusual.

Image4 of 12 – A nice walk by the waterfront and a quick pictures of a skyline set to change. (Supplementary picture of 10 Murray Street next to its shorter neighbour, the old Government Print Building, which is being demolished, a fate it is soon to share – I wrote about it as part of my Project 365 in 2011.)


5 of 12 – I’m starting to use some new techniques for self-management to try and stop myself getting overwhelmed at work (and home). One of the things I’m doing is getting all my reference material in order.

Image6 of 12 – OK, what can be cooler than seeing an excavator craned off a roof. “Flying digger”!


7 of 12 – The day didn’t go completely to plan and I ended up having to pick Juniordwarf up from school and go home on the bus. We had a longer than usual wait at the bus stop and he was very concerned that the bus wasn’t going to come.


8 of 12 – Juniordwarf picked out these shoes for me a couple of years ago because they are like the shoes the Fairy Godmother from Shrek 2 wears. I like to think of them as my Wicked Witch ruby slippers, and I got these socks last week to complete the look.


9  of 12 – On Tuesdays I present a radio show on our local radio station TYGA FM. (We also stream live!)


10 of 12 – A lovely spring day it was in Hobart too. (Not really.)


11 of 12 – The story of Danielle, the teddies’ mother, is long and twisted. The original Danielle was lost at the park, so miraculously she turned into a frog. Unfortunately the frog got broken in an accident outside and I tried to fix it, but she was never the same again. Remember from 12 of 12 September, Danielle has just had another baby, following the sad death of Winston the teddies’ dad. On Monday night Slabs and Juniordwarf went to the pub for dinner and managed to win yet another teddy on the skill tester machine. It went straight into Danielle’s tummy, and so she was going to have another baby. While I was out at the radio station, Danielle had the baby (complete with sound effects “it hurts!”), which is called Stingie because it’s a bee. What else?


12 of 12 – I’m doing a 10,000 steps a day pedometer challenge at work. This is the last week and because our team completed the challenge before the time is up, we have an additional feature where basically we race against our own step average over the first five weeks of the challenge. I have to average something around 14,000 steps a day by Sunday to achieve this. I’m kicking its butt.


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